High-Intensity Strength & Cardio Workout Classes in SoMa

Working out is mainly dependent on a person’s commitment, but they also need a caring and inspirational atmosphere that stokes their desire.

Several factors can play a role in a location’s success — especially in a thriving and vibrant city like San Francisco. You’ll find your place at Roark Gyms’ newest extension in SoMa, which opened its doors in July 2018. While it might be fresh on the scene, our SoMa gym still offers a tight-knit sense of community, an aesthetically pleasing space in an lively district, top-tier equipment and a coach who teaches the secrets of founder James White, who expanded his South African roots to California to train actors for popular TV shows and movies.

That said, we believe in helping everybody achieve their goals through our different fitness classes. We will institute our unique training method — which blends strength, power and conditioning — and modify it to your goals and appropriate fitness level.

White and his disciples have helped the lead cast members of the popular Starz TV series “Black Sails,” as well as other actors and projects, to push their bodies into the upper echelon of physical fitness. With the proper motivation, you can achieve similar results when you come to our SoMa location, which is within a reasonable walking distance of many living spaces and attractions, like AT&T Park.

Like other Roark spots, SoMa has only one coach, which ensures that you get a personal trainer-like experience in a group environment that builds friendships and support.

What to Expect From Your Conditioning Class in SoMa

Every gym class is 60 minutes long and features a high-intensity 10-minute warmup. Every day features a different workout, which focuses on building off the previous session and preparing for the next one. As the training evolves, so does your body.

While everyone is welcome to participate in our gym classes in SoMa at their discretion, we do diversify the sessions based on sex. The session for women is generally lower in intensity with a focus on cardio, while the session for men concentrates more on weight training.

We Offer Different Plans

We also understand the need for flexibility when it comes to working out, and that extends into the financial aspect as well. Committing to any gym can be stressful, as you don’t want to lock yourself into a year-long, no-questions-asked contract that you might later decide isn’t for you.

We offer 3-, 6- and 12-month agreements that afford you a healthy degree of choice, and you can also decide if you’d like to pay for unlimited classes per week or three classes per week. Your membership allows you to access all four locations, including Nob Hill in San Francisco and both branches in South Africa.

We offer classes Monday through Friday in SoMa.



Your future instructor, Richard Fly, is a certified personal trainer and a former Army Ranger with multiple fitness certifications. He understands the nuances that go into creating a comprehensive workout experience.

He will put his spin on White’s trademark Roark Method. Contact Coach Fly to ask for more information about the gym, the Roark Method or any anything else that you’re curious about.


1100 Folsom Street,

San Francisco 94103