Innovative Training Workout Classes in San Francisco

Are you looking for a gym where you can find the latest training methods and achieve the long-term changes you want to see in your body? Roark Gyms offers the most innovative workouts under the eye of our top-notch trainers. If you want a place where you can see tangible results, pushing yourself to achieve new heights, then we have what you need.

We take a serious approach to training. We will push you and use the most effective techniques to help you reach the goals you set for yourself. Plus, you will never get bored when you come to our locations.

You can go to the gym on your schedule with our flexible hours. We are open six days per week at our Nob Hill location and five days at our SoMa location. Read on to learn more about our programs!

Gender-Specific Programming for Men and Women

Men’s and women’s bodies have physiological differences. We allow each one of our members to train according to what suits their bodies. We offer two options for each workout:

  • Option 1: A more cardio-based routine with lighter weights, often more preferable to women.
  • Option 2: A more weight-focused routine with heavier weights, often more preferable to men.

Anyone can choose either option. These options are made available so you can find the level you feel most comfortable with.

Programs for a Variety of Fitness Levels

Our unique training method focuses on three main goals: strength, power and conditioning. We achieve that by offering a 60-minute workout that consists of weight and cardio combined. We rely on interval training, which contains bursts of high-intensity exercise interspersed with recovery, to improve your fitness and build muscle. These methods help our members become lean, strong and confident.

The Benefits of Joining Roark Gyms

Why should you join our San Francisco-area gym? In addition to the outstanding training program outlined above, our members also enjoy other advantages, including having our entire staff behind you. We have trained celebrities and know how to motivate people to reach sky-high goals. When we are in your corner, you will believe in yourself because we believe in you.

Your physique will change when you join our gym, but you will also change your mentality. We never let you give up on yourself. Our staff believes that if you can push through a workout, you can push through anything in life. You will gain the self-confidence you need to succeed in other areas, too, such as at work, at home and in your other pursuits.

Ready to see for yourself what a membership at Roark Gyms will do for you? We offer a three-day free trial where you can experience everything our program covers. Get an upper body, lower body and conditioning session, and talk to us about our distinct approach to training. Roark Gyms can help you get to where you want to go. Contact us today at our Nob Hill or SoMa location to set up your free trial.