Gender-Specific Workout Classes in San Francisco

At Roark Gyms, we believe in training the individual rather than taking a narrow approach to fitness. Each person’s body responds to different things, and we take this into account as we design programs tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. We aim to help you become stronger and leaner no matter what you look like when you walk through the door. One way we accomplish this is by offering gender-specific workout classes at our locations in San Francisco.

Men and women have physiological differences. Each display unique strengths that serve them well in exercise. Women tend to have endurance and do well in cardio, while men excel at weightlifting and can usually lift bigger weights. While the nuances between the sexes may vary by person, we believe that recognizing these abilities serves you well in your training. It lets us build your program around the exercise you feel most comfortable with.

Fitness Classes for Men and Women

What can you expect from gender-specific classes at our gym? They both include weight and cardio, but they have subtle differences:

  • Option 1 emphasizes longer durations of activity but still at a good intensity. It’s more cardio-focused and assists with improving agility and burning fat while also ramping up your metabolism.
  • Option 2 emphasizes shorter bouts of high intensity designed to challenge your muscles and push them to their limits. It’s more weight-focused and assists with building new muscle while developing balance and improving fast-twitch muscle performance.

Every step in your journey with us results in better conditioning and improved concentration. We provide our classes for everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level, but we demand that whoever you are, you work hard, whether you are a celebrity readying for a new screen role or a mom trying to lose the baby weight. We treat everyone the same, too.

Discover a Supportive and Tight-Knit Community at Roark Gyms

While men and women may train differently at our gyms, they still encourage one another and enjoy the type of camaraderie that only comes when you work hard as a group to achieve things that often, at first blush, appear impossible. We offer our members special challenges in addition to our regular fitness classes, such as rowing a half-marathon or special instruction seminars. These foster connections between our members as they work toward a common cause.

We even hold regular fundraisers for charity, where men and women can bond as they push themselves to new limits, feeling proud of the good their efforts will net. Nothing pulls together members and turns them from competitors to teammates quite like pushing through the final minutes of a brutal yet rewarding workout.

Are you ready to join our gyms and see everything Roark has to offer for yourself? We invite you to try our three-day free trial to get the full Roark Gyms experience at Nob Hill or SoMa. Find gender-specific classes that will play to your strengths and challenge you in new and productive ways when you join Roark Gyms.