Building Better Humans

We often get caught up in the belief that if we want to improve our health, body composition and performance we simply just need to train more.  What we should be looking at is what and how we are eating.  
In today's I will discuss how nutrition plays a part in the results that you get.  What you may come to see might surprise you and change the way you view your nutrition.
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We all know that a High intensity, heavy breathing workout that makes us sweat feels good.  But what is it actually doing and how do we know that it's improving our fitness.  
In this article I discuss what it looks like to improve your cardiovascular ability, some of the benefits and how to get that improvement.  
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Building Muscle can be more challenging than other fitness pursuits.  People often enter into the journey casually to find that they can't eat enough, sleep enough and recover enough.  
The body takes its time with the process, which is something we're not used to.  We expect it to happen in weeks or even days.  Does it take hard work? Yes.  Does it take some commitment? Yes.  If you put in the time consistently over the long term you will achieve the results that you want.
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It's common for people to struggle to lose weight and specifically fat.  Unfortunately there are so many products on the market that promise to help with fat loss only to leave people discouraged and disappointed. 

The real story of fat loss is one of time, patience and hard work.  The good news is that the equation for fat loss is incredibly simple and once you understand the basics.  As is the case with most things in life, consistency is the key to long term success.

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Our central control system, the mind, can influence everything in our bodies from our moods, to our physical selves, to our ability to perform. 

When you believe you are capable, capability will follow.  Whether it's making a jump on top of a box, hitting a lift, or accomplishing your 2K row goal the outcome will be determined by your mindset.

Read more to find out how your mind might be effecting your training.

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What does it take to build better results?  Results that you are able to maintain.  Unfortunately many people think that results should come to them quicker than is realistic.  

In this series of posts I will explore and explain why lasting results take time and consistent hard work.  The good news is that it's more simple than you may have initially thought.  Will it take time, yes.  Will it take dedication, yes.  Ultimately it comes down to how badly you want to incorporate the habits that will get you there.

Read on to hear more and check back every Monday as we explore different aspects of results.

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