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Have you been attending Crossfit classes but aren’t sure you want to stick with the program for the long haul? While this fitness craze has many devotees, like any craze, it also has its drawbacks. Many people who have attended Crossfit classes find they prefer something a little different.

Here are four reasons why you may want to quit Crossfit and switch your workouts to Roark Gyms instead.

1. You Keep Getting Injured

Crossfit is an intense workout. The focus on speed and strength sometimes comes at the expense of form. When you try to finish an exercise as quickly as you can, you may not maintain the right posture or become lax about safety measures. You may even try to increase your weight too soon in the name of competing with others.

That type of behavior can come with consequences, often in the form of injuries. Increasing weights too fast can lead to tears and pulls that take months to recover from. Some people also become injured or exhausted from overtraining at Crossfit.

At Roark Gyms, we know intensity isn’t always the answer. We believe constant high-intensity workouts aren’t sustainable and could lead to decreases in performance over the years. Our training is innovatively designed using our unique Roark Gyms philosophy to push you to your limit without risking muscle failure.

2. You Are Getting Bored

Our bodies improve when they are challenged, especially when you undertake new and unexpected physical tasks. Crossfit participants can fall into the trap of repeating the same types of activities over and over again, which won’t push your body or your mind hard enough.

When you come to a training session at Roark Gyms, you never know exactly what to expect. Our workouts change every day, with each one building your skills and preparing you for the next. As the training evolves, so will your mind and body.

3. You Are Paying Too Much

While a great gym is worth paying for, you may not get the equipment or attention you require at Crossfit. Why pay a premium price if you aren’t receiving premium benefits?

Roark Gyms offers competitive prices, along with the personalized attention and care you need in your workouts. You’ll get a better value for your money with our programs designed to help you achieve your unique fitness goals.

4. You Aren’t Getting the Attention You Need

Crossfit has a reputation for favoring the more advanced athletes over beginners. If your trainer has been ignoring your needs while tending to those who squat more weight and perform more reps than you, perhaps it’s time to make a change.

Everyone is welcome at Roark Gyms, no matter their previous training experience or level of fitness. Our gyms are founded on the principle of adapting a workout program to the individual — not the other way around — and our trainers are here to support you in your fitness journey. At our gyms, you’ll find a community of like-minded members and trainers who support and encourage each other to pursue their goals.

Come to Roark Gyms for a Different Experience

Roark Gyms offers similar physical and mental challenges as Crossfit, but we do it in a manner that will keep you safe and stave off boredom. When you come to Roark Gyms, you will learn a combination of lessons that are unlike any you will learn at other gyms:

  1. Trust the program: It is designed to make you stronger, fitter and a better athlete in general. Following it is simple.
  2. Be consistent: Show up regularly, give your all. Results are a side effect of hard work.
  3. Pick one goal at a time: You want a 200kg deadlift? Forget about that six pack for now. You can have it all, you just have to get there one step at a time.
  4. Squat: Often and with good form. It makes you a better athlete.
  5. Be patient: There are no shortcuts to anything worthwhile.
  6. Challenge yourself: You will regularly surprise yourself.
  7. Do what you love: It is easier to stay motivated if you are passionate about it.
  8. The mind is primary: The limits of the body are limits of the mind. When your mind begs you to quit, defy it. You are a winner when you conquer the negotiation with your mind.

Our philosophy sets us apart from Crossfit and bootcamp and allows us to improve our members’ overall approach to training and individual results. We are a better alternative, and we offer many advantages such as:

  1. Mental toughness: We push you hard to see that if you don’t give up in your workouts, you don’t give up in life. Our personalized attention will focus on what motivates you best.
  2. Interval training: We push your body to its limit by interspersing periods of low intensity with high intensity that will burn fat and build strength.
  3. A sense of accomplishment: Our program is not easy, but it is rewarding. We will challenge you daily, but we will also cheer you on as you meet your goals, and we’ll applaud your exceptional work ethic.

Are you ready to swap Crossfit for Roark Gyms? Enjoy a free three-day trial to experience everything we have to offer and see why you should make the switch. Contact our Nob Hill or SoMa location today to set up your first session.

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