Benefits of a Morning Workout

Let’s face it — most of us aren’t morning people. We don’t roll out of bed raring to go, and we have trouble motivating ourselves to get up even earlier for a workout.

But just because you have never had success with an early workout time before doesn’t mean that’s how it has to stay. Morning workouts provide a host of benefits that will motivate you to hit the gym, shower and be on your way to work before most people have even hit the snooze button for the first time. Here’s why you should incorporate healthy workout habits into your morning routine.

1. A Morning Workout Lessens the Chance of Unexpected Distractions

When you plan to work out late in the day, it’s easy to make excuses or for something unexpected to arise that keeps you from your workout — like having to work late or getting stuck in traffic. With morning workouts, however, there’s no chance of other commitments or factors sabotaging your good intentions. You can roll out of bed and work on your health goals right away.

2. Morning Exercise Increases Your Motivation

Especially in the fall when the sun begins to set earlier, many people feel more motivated to work out when the sun is starting to come up as opposed to around 5 or 6 p.m. when it’s already getting dark.

Plus, no one wants to give their all to a workout after a full day of work! You’re more likely to be tired and less motivated after your 9 to 5, which makes for a less-than-pleasant workout experience. You’ll likely concentrate better in the morning before your brain has been filled with a bunch of other concerns throughout the day.

3. Exercising in the Morning Improves Your Mental and Physical Energy

Exercise is a fantastic source of energy — experts agree that it’s even better than coffee at helping you focus! Movement improves both your physical and mental energy, allowing you to get through a long workday with ease. If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open during a boring meeting or a tough day at the office, then consider a morning workout as your go-to energy source.

4. A Morning Gym Routine Helps You Sleep Better

Have you ever completed an evening workout and found yourself unable to fall asleep at bedtime? Your body pumps out adrenaline during exercise, which can cause you to stay wide-eyed long after you’ve left the gym. That’s why a morning workout can be so great — you’ll be wide awake for the rest of your day but ready for bed with a healthy sense of fatigue when the day is done.

Choose Roark Gyms for Your Morning Workouts

Now that you know just how great morning workouts can be, you’ll need to find the perfect place to do them. Why not try a free three-day trial at Roark Gyms? Look over our schedule of early-morning fitness classes at our Nob Hill or Soma location to find the one that works for you, and make a plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

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