The Benefits of Getting a Gym Membership

You know why you should join a gym. You want to get in better shape, and you know the social aspect of working out can stimulate your brain and keep you motivated. But did you know there are other advantages to working with a personal trainer and getting a gym membership? Consider all the benefits you can gain from getting a gym membership.

1. Accountability

One thing people love about Roark Gyms is how tightly knit our classes become. Our small class setting enables you to get to know your fellow class members quickly. Before long, the strangers you meet your first day at Roark Gyms will become the ones holding you accountable for your goals.

Having the whole gym’s support behind you can push you to achieve new heights, such as trying a heavier weight in a tough class or busting out one more rep to match the person beside you. A little friendly competition fosters the accountability you need at your gym.

2. Expertise

Our highly skilled trainers know how to push your body to improve. They have extensive experience with people of all ages, fitness levels and skill sets, which means they’re equipped and ready to help you create and achieve realistic goals.

One major drawback to working out on your own is that you may set your goals too high or too low. If you don’t achieve your goals, it is easy to get discouraged and give up. Alternatively, if you clear every hurdle by a mile, then you aren’t really pushing yourself when working out. You need a professional to determine realistic expectations for you and whether you should aim higher.

Our trainers will also ensure you have the proper form during your classes, which is one of the most important aspects of any type of exercise. Doing things the wrong way can lead to injury and burnout.

3. Structure

Sometimes, you want to zone out when you work out. Instead of spending the mental energy on figuring out what weights you used last time or how many reps you should attempt, you just want someone to tell you what to do.

Our trainers will handle the difficult part of outlining the workout, demonstrating it and ensuring you carry it out. This structure keeps you on task.

4. Fun

Don’t forget that fitness should be fun. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals striving to become their best selves can motivate you and help you form new friendships. You will bond as you share your common goals of lifting a heavier weight, grinding out another rep or making it one more minute during cardio. At Roark Gyms, many of our fellow club members even motivate each other by planning to take classes together or work out at the same time.

Come in today to try out our gym membership with a free three-day trial at Nob Hill or Soma. Then, check our group fitness schedule to see which one works best for you, and enjoy becoming a part of our community.

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