6 Benefits of Group Workout Classes

Group workout classes are all the rage at gyms today, whether it’s Zumba, yoga or HIIT. It’s easy to write these classes off if you’re used to lifting weights or doing a cardio circuit alone. However, group exercise classes carry a host of benefits that you don’t get by exercising alone. Here are six reasons you should try a group fitness class:

1. Motivation and Accountability

Accountability starts with simply signing up for a class. Without it, you may tell yourself you’re going to go to the gym but set that goal aside when other things come up. It’s all about prioritizing health and fitness in your life. When you sign up for a group exercise class that you’ve paid for, you’re more likely to feel accountable to show up instead of skipping it.

Another benefit of group workout classes is the motivation a coach provides. Without someone there to push your body to the limit, you could miss core muscle groups or fail to get the most out of a workout.

2. Structure

Along with motivation, group fitness classes are structured to help you challenge yourself. At Roark Gyms, we use our unique Roark Training Method to get you the outcomes you’re looking for. Our class structure allows you to burn 800 calories in a single session in a way that helps you build muscle and burn fat.

3. Evenly Worked Muscles

An additional benefit of group workout classes is that your muscles get evenly worked every single time. Whether it’s your upper or lower body, you gain strength with a program tailored to your needs at Roark Gyms. We also make sure none of your muscles are overworked. When you head to the gym by yourself, you could work too hard and have to sit out a few training days. Our powerful workouts will push you to your max, but still allow you to come back the next day.

4. Easy Planning

When you have a busy schedule, it’s difficult to find time to hit the gym. Instead of struggling to fit in gym routine, you can plan the rest of your day around a group fitness class. It makes fitting in a workout easier on your part, and the accountability aspect will ensure you don’t hit snooze on your alarm or schedule something else.

5. Proper Form

Group exercise classes help ensure you’re using proper form with every single rep. Without the help of a knowledgeable coach or trainer, you could inadvertently injure yourself by lifting with the wrong form. A group fitness class mitigates this risk since coaches can watch you and make sure you get a high-intensity workout without hurting yourself.

6. Social Opportunities

Individuals who are naturally more social will love the opportunities a group exercise class provides. At Roark Gyms, you get to meet like-minded individuals that help you along in your fitness journey. Even though we have gender-specific routines in each class, men and women alike push each other to get better every day.

Experience the benefits of group workout classes yourself by scheduling a class at Roark Gyms. Book a free three-day trial at either our Nob Hill or Soma location today.

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