How to Maintain New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

The new year is getting nearer, which for many people means festive parties and time with loved ones. For some, it also means committing to New Year’s resolutions. In 2018, the two most popular resolutions were to eat healthier and to exercise more. In January, people pulled on their sneakers and bought a new gym membership, determined […]

6 Benefits of Group Workout Classes

Group workout classes are all the rage at gyms today, whether it’s Zumba, yoga or HIIT. It’s easy to write these classes off if you’re used to lifting weights or doing a cardio circuit alone. However, group exercise classes carry a host of benefits that you don’t get by exercising alone. Here are six reasons […]

9 “Healthy” Foods That Actually Aren’t

We’re bombarded with ads every day that tout the benefits of the next biggest health food. Everything from trail mix to smoothies to frozen diet meals can be made to look convenient and healthy. However, the snacks you thought were healthy food options are often not as great as you think. It’s important to stay […]

Training Shoes vs. Running Shoes

There’s more to the shoes you wear to the gym than just how they make you feel. Training shoes and running shoes are two very different sneakers that carry various benefits. When you’re lifting or taking a class at Roark Gyms, you need a pair of cross-training shoes. If you’re preparing for a half-marathon, you […]

6 Healthy Ways to Take Your Coffee

Whenever you reach for that morning cup of coffee, you’re giving your body a stimulant and a natural source of caffeine. The drink itself packs a load of health benefits, including more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables combined. However, the things you add to your brew can make it less healthy while introducing harmful toxins […]

Crossfit Alternative

Have you been attending Crossfit classes but aren’t sure you want to stick with the program for the long haul? While this fitness craze has many devotees, like any craze, it also has its drawbacks. Many people who have attended Crossfit classes find they prefer something a little different. Here are four reasons why you […]

Benefits of a Morning Workout

Let’s face it — most of us aren’t morning people. We don’t roll out of bed raring to go, and we have trouble motivating ourselves to get up even earlier for a workout. But just because you have never had success with an early workout time before doesn’t mean that’s how it has to stay. […]

The Benefits of Getting a Gym Membership

You know why you should join a gym. You want to get in better shape, and you know the social aspect of working out can stimulate your brain and keep you motivated. But did you know there are other advantages to working with a personal trainer and getting a gym membership? Consider all the benefits […]

The Roark Method vs. Bootcamp

Are you searching for a gym close to home that won’t cost an arm and a leg? Roark Gyms has the best programs for workout devotees of all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. We top all the competition in the area, including bootcamp classes. Why should you choose our gym instead of bootcamp? Read on […]

7 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

You guzzle green smoothies and always get your flu shot, but it seems like you can’t avoid the cold that goes around the office every few months. What gives? Actually, staying healthy at an office job involves more than just eating right and getting the proper vaccines. You have to choose every day to ward […]